Load up on profit

Faster load times

Fewer stops

With every load you transport maximized by in the cab weights, your trucking operations will be more efficient! Our easy-to-use scales decrease loading time, decrease the stops you need to make all while limiting the risk of accidents and breakdowns from overweight loads.

LoadMaxx Tractor

Handles complicated tractor configurations including lift axles and tags with OBC integration.

LoadMaxx Trailer

Automatically sends weights to the in cab display when paired with any LoadMaxx tractor scale.

LoadMaxx Straight Truck

Get your GVW, NET payload and axle weights in the cab of your truck with all the communications capabilities.

QuickLoad Tractor

Same great accuracy at an entry level price point, when you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

QuickLoad Trailer

When you don’t need to see trailer weights in your cab, the touch screen of this scale is easy-to-use!

QuickLoad Dedicated

Get all your weights in your cab without a trailer scale at our most economical price!


Developed for front end loaders, BinMaxx scales can tell you the weight of each bin you lift within 20lbs.


BinMaxx XL communicates the weight of each lift via Bluetooth when your drivers come back to the yard.

So how will Air-Weigh onboard scales help your company?

Maximized Payload

Be sure you’re loading as close to your GVW as possible on every trip!

No More Check Weights

Eliminate the cost of check-weighs and out-of-route miles finding a scale!

Get the most from your HOS

Don’t waste any of your driver’s time reworking loads and looking for scales.

No more overweight fines

Up until now, overweight tickets have been a cost of doing business- not with Air-Weigh!

Need help with installation?

Our quick and easy-to-understand videos will help you with installing any of our scales!

Watch our training videos!

Not sure how to calibrate?

Calibration is simple. We have simple videos to help you walk through the steps of calibrating your scale.

Dealers and OEMs

Visit one of our many dealers or OEMs to order your scale and installation!

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