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The perfect load.  Every time.
Keep your fleet on the road where the profit is.
Save time and cut the hassle of using in-ground scales. Make our scales do the work so you or your drivers don’t have to. Air-Weigh on-board scales make your trailer self-weighing. Anytime. Anyplace.
Packed with premium features

With Air-Weigh’s sensor technology and icon based touch screen display, LoadMaxx is an industry leading solution. 

Icon based touch screen
Built in factory calibrations
LED lights and alarms
PIN protected calibration
Durable trailer display
Communication capabilities

Effortless Communication

Upgrade your LoadMaxx trailer scale with advanced communication capabilities. Adding the optional ComLink to your trailer scale enables the scale to communicate with any LoadMaxx equipped tractor. When both tractor and trailer scales are used together, all weights can be viewed on the in-cab tractor display or on any smart device using the LoadMaxx app.
LoadMaxx for mechanical suspensions.
View tandem and single point axle weights on single touch screen display
Accurate to within 3% of a DOT certified scale
Deflection sensor technology measures real-time on-the-ground weights
Bracket installs easily to axle side, safely away from top “no-weld” zone
Available on new trailers and for retrofit
Easy-to-use and easy-to-install for owner operators and large fleets
LoadMaxx for air ride suspensions.
High precision pressure sensor measures fractions of one PSI
Accurate to within 300 lbs of a DOT certified scale
Compensates for temperature and altitude change
Up to 7 trailer scale weights in a single heavy haul configuration will display individually on the in-cab display
Available on new trailers and for retrofit
Easy-to-use and easy-to-install for owner operators and large fleets
I purchased Air-Weigh scales after looking at the other options and felt that it was the best overall product for my Single Point Trailer application. We are constantly loading our construction trucks with no scales around. The LoadMaxx onboard trailer scale helps us prevent overload tickets and gives us peace of mind that we will not be overloaded in the event of an accident.

From one truck to a fleet, I believe Air-Weigh scales are a must have and the accuracy is amazing.

Thank you Air-Weigh! Ryan Mayfield

Owner, R&M Construction Services

Get in Touch.

For more information on LoadMaxx, contact Air-Weigh directly. We are open from 7am-5pm PST to answer any of your questions. Just call us at 1-888-459-3444