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BinMaxx for Refuse Trucks

Optimize profit on commercial front end loader (FEL) routes.

How do you know if a specific account is profitable? BinMaxx is a weigh in motion scale system made to optimize the profitability of commercial FEL routes. The container content weight for each individual commercial account lifted is provided allowing you to compare the average container weight disposal cost to the revenue obtained for your services.



BinMaxx sensors are held by brackets welded to the ARMS, not the forks. By positioning the sensors on the arms, significant advantages in durability, functionality, and even pricing are realized. Arm-mounted sensors are far more durable than those mounted on the forks, and will remain calibrated for a longer period of time.

Using BinMaxx is intuitive and requires little effort. Obtaining weight readings requires no additional effort from the driver. Weight data can be transmitted to the back office through third party on-board computer systems for individual account analysis. Don’t have an on-board computer? Upgrade to BinMaxx XL to access data on any computer or smart device.

Automated data upload powered by the cloud. BinMaxx Cloud provides all of the same features of BinMaxx but now adds the ability to transmit lift and weight data from the vehicle to an office PC via Bluetooth. With BinMaxx Cloud you receive the added features of GPS location of every lift, date and time of the lift, and the container content weight, all stored until it is downloaded into the office application via Bluetooth, with no recurring monthly downloading charges.

Want More Information?

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