Front Loader Scale – Cloud-Based Software

The next generation BinMaxx XL is now powered by the cloud.

Access customer information, pickup location, and detailed lift reports from any office PC or smart device.

BinMaxx XL provides all of the same features of BinMaxx but now adds the ability to transmit lift and weight data from the vehicle to an office PC or smart device via Bluetooth.  Data is collected, uploaded, and safely stored in the cloud with virtually no effort on the driver’s part. 

Secure data upload to the Cloud takes place behind the scenes. Your front loader will automatically upload data to the Cloud as soon as it is within about 300 meters from the yard. This cloud-based storage system is a cost-effective, hassle-free solution for you to better manage productivity and profitability.


  • FREE!  No subscription
  • Access data easily and securely
  • Login from any computer or smart device
  • View customer information and pickup location, time and weight
  • Manage pickup fees and expected charges
  • Download detailed lift reports as spreadsheets and PDFs

Ready to optimize route profitabilty with BinMaxx XL?  Contact our sales team for more information today!