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Choosing the Right Scale

Tractor Scales

We have two tractor scales with one big difference!

Trailer Scales

We have a brand new trailer scale! Easier to install and deploy- you’ll want it on every trailer in your fleet.

Straight Trucks

Two great systems, with varying levels of features.

Refuse Trucks

Regardless of what type of refuse truck you operate, we have a scale for you!

Check out our product brochures for a brief overview of Air-Weigh scales or scroll down for more detailed information.

Selection Guide

Refuse Scales

LoadMaxx Trailer Scales

LoadMaxx Tractor Scales

Well suited for drop and hook applications and tractors in large fleets. When used in conjunction with LoadMaxx Trailer Scales, the LoadMaxx Tractor Scale will show both tractor and trailer weights in the truck cab for any trailer with a scale installed. LoadMaxx Tractor Scale also offers printing and data streaming options, so you can send your weight information to your onboard computer for more complete record-keeping.

QuickLoad Tractor Scale

Perfect for small fleets and owner/operators that don’t need the communication capabilities of LoadMaxx or to see the weight of their trailer in the cab.

The QuickLoad tractor scale is also an excellent option for dedicated tractors and trailers as it can provide all your weights without a trailer scale!

LoadMaxx Trailer Scale

The perfect complement to our LoadMaxx Tractor Scale, giving you complete weight information in the truck cab which can be printed or integrated with your onboard computer.

LoadMaxx Straight Truck

The LoadMaxx straight truck scale is a good match for larger fleets; it provides the option of printing or streaming data so you can integrate your weight information with your truck’s onboard computer.

QuickLoad Straight Truck

QuickLoad Truck Scale is the right choice for you if you have a single truck or a small fleet. It’s affordable and easy to install.

LoadMaxx Straight Truck

Perfect for all types of refuse vehicles. LoadMaxx for suspension mounted systems provides GVW, net payload and axle group weights so you can avoid driving overweight and structure your routes more efficiently. LoadMaxx provides printing and streaming capabilities for easy data analysis.

BinMaxx Truck Scale

BinMaxx is a weigh in motion scale system made to optimize the profitability of commercial FEL routes. The container content weight for each individual commercial account lifted is provided allowing you to compare the average container weight disposal cost to the revenue obtained for your services.

Want More Information?

We are open from 7am-5pm PST to answer any of your questions on onboard scales. Just call us at 1-888-459-3444. Have a question outside of those hours, send us a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!