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New BinMaxx Case Study

Commercial Waste Company Saves $260,000 in First Year with Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx Front End Loader Scales.

What our customers are saying

Q. How have Air-Weigh scales helped you reach your business goals?

A. “Well, in a word, price! Not going to lie. We have had other scale systems in the past, and they are very pricey! With Air-Weigh, same technology,  better customer support, and really, half the cost. And in business, nothing’s wrong with that!”

Jeff Dee – CEO, Eastern Sanitation


Maximize payload

Minimize risk while optimizing profit – you’ll feel confident getting the perfect load every time.

Eliminate guesswork

No more inefficient reworking of loads and searching for in-ground scales.

Avoid costly fines

By helping you avoid even one hefty overweight fine, your on-board scale will pay for itself.

Plug profit leaks

No more costly checkweiging, out-of-route miles or extra repairs due to overloads.

Truck Scales

Work truck. Straight truck. Tractor or Vac. Doesn’t matter what truck you drive – we have a scale for you. Read more.


We have a brand new trailer scale! Easy to install and friendly to use – you’ll want it on every trailer in your fleet. Read more.


In need of a solution for both your tractors and trailers? We have a solution to help leverage your fleet. Read more.


Whether you’re looking for individual bin weight, or overall vehicle weight, our scales can accomplish both. Read more.

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Why Weight Matters

The many reasons why commercial vehicle weight matters aren’t always so apparent. There are the obvious reasons like avoiding overweight fines and penalties, but that is just one of the many examples that fall under a much larger umbrella labeled “waste”. The weight...

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The Cost of Overweight Fines by State

  Last year, the Rhode Island State Police issued a $57,000 fine against Bay Crane Northeast for carrying seven times the maximum load on a flatbed truck. Rhode Island has one of the highest fines for overweight tickets in the nation. A truck company can be fined $65...

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What is the ROI with an on-board scale?

  Every truck driver knows the perils of being overloaded, but many people don’t realize the lost profits that come with being underloaded. Weight is a constant problem for many fleet operators, no matter what industry you’re in. When you’re talking about tons of...

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Want More Information?

We are open from 7am-5pm PST to answer any of your questions on onboard scales. Just call us at 1-888-459-3444. Have a question outside of those hours, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!