Know your truck weight or your bin weight!

Drivers don’t have a lot of time and when you’re driving through neighborhoods- safety becomes a lot more important. So whether you want to know your truck isn’t overweight as your cruising through a residential zone or ensure your bin weights are on target, we have the scale for your fleet.



Know just how much that truck weighs after every stop!


Want to know how much that bin weighs when you pick it up? We can tell you.

Increase your safety.

When you’re driving through zones with pedestrians all over- it’s important to ensure your trucks stop in the right distance.

Maximize every route.

Should your driver keep going or stop at the transfer station now? With LoadMaxx, they will know the ideal time.

Bin Weight Variety.

Heavy bin? Light bin? BinMaxx will start increasing your profitability today.

Want to see each of your axle group weights right in your cab? Our LoadMaxx tractor scale comes with all the features you need to manage the weights of your entire fleet easily.

  • Steer, Drive, GVW and NET payload
  • Option for mechanical suspensions
  • Bluetooth and smartphone app
  • OBC integration
  • Optional printer

Knowing the weight of each of your bins, means you know how much to charge each of your customers and what transfer station to visit. This starts increasing your profitability with every single pick-up.

  • Simple installation (install right on the forks you have now)
  • Lift # and the NET payload without the touch of a button
  • With BinMaxx XL, your trucks will report their pick-up locations and weights when they drive into the yard

What Are Fleets Using Air-Weigh Saying?

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“For the many years that we have been using Air-Weigh products, we are completely satisfied with the quality and service we have received! ”

Craig Laird

Laird Logs LLC

“We use Air-Weigh scales to ensure that we pick up a full load every time. In fact, the first big haul after we installed them paid for the scales! I also like the peace of mind of knowing we won’t get an overweight ticket.”

Cory Pettersen

Dirt Dawgs Trucking Inc.

“Air-Weigh scales help our fleet to realize our weight issues at the dock – not 60 miles out of route, down the road, after the shipper has closed. This ensures that we maintain our on-time delivery to the customer and reduces out-of-route costs to scales. Better to be proactive than reactive! ”

Dino Guadagni

Western Distributing

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Here’s everything you need to know about LoadMaxx and QuickLoad tractor scales.

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