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Is BinMaxx the right scale for me?

BinMaxx is a weighing system made to increase the profitability for Front End Loaders (FEL). The average container weight for each individual commercial account is provided on the dash display. How do you know if a specific account is profitable? The information provided by BinMaxx allows you to compare the average container weight disposal cost to the revenue obtained for your services.

Where are the sensors located?

BinMaxx sensors are held by brackets welded to the ARMS, not the forks. By positioning the sensors on the arms, significant advantages in durability, functionality, and even pricing are realized. Arm-mounted sensors are far more durable than those mounted on the forks, and will remain calibrated for a longer period of time.

How easy is it to use an Air-Weigh scale?

Using an Air-Weigh scale is very intuitive and requires very little effort. Obtaining weight reading requires no additional effort from the driver.  The system is weigh-in-motion and does not require the driver to lift at a specific speed.  Lift, load, and pack using standard procedures.

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