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On-Board Scales for Trucks and Trailers with Air or Mechanical Suspension

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About Air-Weigh

Precision in Every Load
We manufacture advanced onboard digital scales for air ride and mechanical suspensions, engineered to bring precision and efficiency to every load. Our state-of-the-art weighing systems are designed to simplify the weighing process, providing accurate, real-time data that drives smarter decisions and operational efficiency.

On-Board Truck Scales: Eliminating Need for In-Ground Scales

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Extended Driver Efficiency 
By Reduced Loading Times

We want fleets to be mindful of “Load Management”, that’s not a bad thing.  Our scales offer tools for improved load management. Without good load management practices, they will end up reworking loads and wasting time and miles.   

On-Board Scales Add...

  • Increased Vehicle Profitability by Maximizing Every Load!
  • Extend Driver Efficiency - Focus on Driving, Not Load Management
  • Increased Road Safety & Decreased Vehicle Liabilty
  • Happy, Productive Drivers 

On-Board Scales Eliminate...

  • Repeated Scale Events  (Waiting, Looping, Fees)
  • Unproductive Time & Miles Re-Working Loads 
  • Under-Loading and Load "Guesswork"
  • Overweight Fines.

Customer Reviews

We take pride in the impact our onboard weighing solutions have on our customers' operations. But don't just take our word for it – hear it straight from our customers.

You wouldn’t believe the return on investment – these scales have paid for themselves in less than a year with the maxed out loads…

Edgewater Lumber

It saves us time, money, and the plants that we go to let the drivers skip out of line… the mill knows the scales are right.

Edgewater Lumber

With EVs, the cars are getting heavier. With every electrification point of a vehicle, it’s 200 to 300 more pounds vs. a gas version. A hybrid is 200 to 300 pounds more than the gas car and a full EV is another 200 to 300 pounds. That makes these scales all the more critical.

Mike VanderPloeg
Operations Supervisor, Toyota

“The process was quick. They were set up very quick. Air-Weigh made sure everything went well and that is great.”

Carla Melgar
Freight Bill Authorization Administrator, Toyota

“The nearest scale for us is about a mile away, and we’d have to go in and out of that scale four times a day, and if there are a lot of trucks in line, we have to wait. It saves us an hour every day.” 

Randy Jaeger
Owner, Jager Logistics

They’ve changed everything. That’s why these scales came in so handy for me, because now I don’t have to go out of route every time I do a run.” 

Randy Jaeger
Owner, Jager Logistics

“We can legally haul 33-and-a-half tons, and with the Air-Weigh scales it’s a lot safer and more convenient. You know where you’re at as soon as they finish loading.” 

Randy Jaeger
Owner, Jager Logistics

It’s not like bales of hay are all exactly 100 pounds. It’s not a uniform product with a uniform measure. But whether they are heavier or lighter, you want as much as possible. With these scales, I can load them to capacity the first time – right at my farm – and it saves me time while maximizing my payload.” 

Steven Loheac
Owner, Steven Loheac Horse Transportation

“The most valuable thing it’s saved is time. As an owner/operator and farm owner, I work seven days a week. If the Air-Weigh scale saves me an hour-and-a-half by loading it right the first time, I can be doing something else for an hour-and-a-half while being profitable.” 

Steven Loheac
Owner, Steven Loheac Horse Transportation

Three Ways To Buy

Air-Weigh offers three distinct buying options to integrate our advanced onboard scale systems into your fleet: OEM Installation on new vehicles, buying from our extensive dealer network, or buying directly from Air-Weigh to self-install on existing trucks, tractors, and Trailers. If you want to equip your existing fleet with state-of-the-art weighing technology or prefer to spec Air-Weigh scales on your new builds, we have the right solution for you and can walk you through the process.

Buy Direct and Self-Install

We’ve chosen not to sell online so that we can walk you through our products and help you find the solution that’s right for you. Contact us and we’ll take you through selection, installation, and calibration.

OEM Partners: Integrating with Top Industry Brands

Air-Weigh is proud to have forged strong partnerships with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the trucking and trailering industry. These collaborations enable us to integrate our advanced onboard scales directly into new vehicles, or seamlessly retrofit on to existing fleet vehicles.

Kenworth Trucks

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

In the world of commercial transportation, each industry faces its own set of challenges and requirements. From construction and waste management to agriculture and long-haul trucking, our precision weighing systems are designed to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and drive success across a diverse range of sectors.  We invite you to click on an industry below to explore case studies and learn how our innovative solutions have made a significant impact.

Trusted By The World's Biggest Brands

Air-Weigh's reputation for precision and reliability in onboard scale solutions is recognized by the biggest names in the trucking and trailering industry. These  world-renowned brands trust our technology, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation. Each logo represents a partnership built on mutual standards of excellence and a shared vision for advancing transportation efficiency. 

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Please feel free to call or email us and we'll make sure you find the scale that's right for you! We are with our customers from beginning to end. We are here to support you.

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