Tractor Trailer on-board scales help you avoid under or overloading

Tractor & Trailer

Digital on-board scales to avoid under or overloading and to increase fleet profitability.

Straight Truck on-board scales support air ride and mechanical suspension

Straight Truck

From dump trucks to delivery vans, our scales support air ride and most mechanical suspension types.

Work Truck on-board scales resolve safety, efficiency, and maintenance concerns.

Work Truck

Keep your fleets on the road. Our intuitive scales resolve safety, efficiency, and maintenance concerns.

Vac Trucks on-board scales load efficiently with weight alarms and warnings.

Vac Trucks

Load efficiently. External weight alarms enable operators to load to the legal limit every time.

Refuse Truck on-board scales work on all refuse vehicle types and optimize routes.

Refuse Trucks

Scale options for all refuse vehicle types to optimize routes and increase profitability.

Your On-Board Scale Solution

Whether you’re an owner-operator looking to maximize payload, or you manage a large fleet and are looking to improve business efficiencies; an Air-Weigh On-Board Truck Scale will give you access to real-time accurate weight data and unlock potential profit. With expertise in third-party software integration, we offer a complete vehicle weighing solution that will help reduce costs, improve safety, and maximize profitability.


Maximize payload
Minimize risk while optimizing profit by getting the perfect load every time.
Avoid costly fines
Avoiding even one hefty overweight fine will mean your on-board scale pays for itself.
Eliminate guesswork
With Air-Weigh there is no need for inefficient reworking of loads and searching for in-ground scales.
Plug profit leaks
No more costly checkweighing, out-of-route miles or additional repairs due to overloading.

“Air-Weigh saved us over $260,000 in our first year!”
-Leck Waste Services

Commercial waste collection is a no-nonsense business. The hours are long, the competition is fierce, and operating overhead can quickly eat up a company’s profits. Under these relentless market conditions, BinMaxx was able to save them over $260,000 in their first year.

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Regardless of what type of truck you operate, we have a scale for you!


Drivers can view, save and email the weight and location of their vehicle from the palm of their hand with our new iPhone and Android app. The app allows fleets to use data-driven management, increasing profits with the touch of a button! The LoadMaxx app is free for anyone using LoadMaxx truck and tractor scales.


Easy Setup

Quickly download the LoadMaxx app to any smart device


Track Loads

View steer, drive, trailer, GVW and net payload weights in real-time for a safer, more efficient loading process.


Set Alarms

User presets warning and target weight alarms to be notified while loading.

Share the data

Store up to 100 weighing events with date, time and location. Email data to any email address for back office management and analysis.

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