A scale in your hand – The LoadMaxx app

A scale in your hand – The LoadMaxx app

We’re firm believers in working smarter, not harder. That’s why creating an app for our scales was a natural next step for making vehicle weights easily accessible to drivers, loaders, and back office managers. The LoadMaxx app is a scale in the palm of your hand. It is paired through Bluetooth to the in-cab display and has the ability to show weights for steer, drive, trailer, GVW and net Payload.

The LoadMaxx app offers a variety of features that improve efficiency, making it a value add for owner operators and fleet managers.

Load efficiently

When it comes to loading multiple trucks with a variety of materials of different sizes and weights, the app helps with even weight distribution. The app is used in real-time while a vehicle is being loaded and gives a loader the information they need to load properly and legally.

Increase safety

It’s a huge safety benefit for a driver to manage the load weight from outside the cab while the truck is being loaded. This keeps the driver from having to get in and out of the cab, which is a major source of injuries.

Deliver the data

When data is efficiently managed, better business decisions are made. The app tracks each load and the driver or loader can send weight information back to management so that weights are tracked, data is managed, and payload is maximized.  Fleets can actively manage their business and increase profit without extra equipment.

Other features included in the LoadMaxx app

  • App is FREE to use
  • Record date, time, location, and all weight data
  • Email scale data from the app to any specified email address
  • Calibrate the scale from the app
  • Keep up to 100 weighing events in the weight log

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