Aarcomm’s advanced remote control technologies  now offering Air-Weigh

Aarcomm’s advanced remote control technologies now offering Air-Weigh

June 13th, 2017

Considered one of the preferred methods for digging, hydro excavation has significantly lessened the risks and increased efficiency for a variety of excavation applications. This popular digging method is making it easier to access underground facilities and subsurface utilities, as well as for line, sign and pole installation and location. It is also being used for potholing or daylighting, pipe and sewer rehabilitation, and landscaping. There are many benefits to using a hydro excavator, including safety, accuracy, and control.  The overall benefit of this method makes for much happier customers, contractors, and laborers. Because of its accuracy, injuries and accidents decrease for laborers as well as for other people. Damage to underground pipes, lines, and cables is lessened, and the high expenses needed for repairs and restoration decreases.

Air-Weigh scales are becoming more widely used for hydrovac applications. As an industry that values accuracy and efficiency, it is recognizing the benefit of weight management technology being available directly on the vehicle. There is great value in maximizing loads without running the risk of overloading. The many advantages that come with knowing how much you’re loading surpasses the worry of just overloading; increased safety, reduced liability, and overall lower vehicle maintenance costs also factor into why on-board scales increase efficiency and profitability. Having a tool available that tells you how much material your vehicle is holding brings an already efficient and accurate process full circle to completing the job successfully.

Recently there has been integration of Air-Weigh technology into a hydrovac application that takes efficiency and control that much further. Aarcomm, a developer and innovator of rugged industrial wireless remote control solutions is now offering Air-Weigh weight data on their handheld remote control. “Air-Weigh scales and Aarcomm radio remote control systems work together to make HydroVac Excavator operators more efficient. Operators can now receive real time updates of their truck weight while they are using the high pressure vacuum hose or jetter wand away from the vehicle,” says Aarcomm’s Vice President, Doug Gramm.

Aarcomm systems help to reduce total cost of ownership by lowering logistics, inventory, and customer service costs. By integrating weight data into the remote control, workers now have easy access to all of the data in the palm of their hand, allowing them the freedom to do their job, and the peace of mind that overloading is no longer a concern.

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