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Since our founding in 1987, Air-Weigh has led the industry with patented, electronic on-board weighing technology.

Air-Weigh innovative on-board electronic weighing solutions are known for accuracy and toughness. Featuring a comprehensive product line of scales, we provide solutions for both trucks and trailers with mechanical or air suspensions. With expertise in advanced on-board scale communications, we offer a complete vehicle weighing system that will help reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize profitability.


Air-Weigh is primarily a technology company, providing durable, reliable, and intuitive on-board weighing systems

Air-Weigh is more than a manufacturer of on-board scales for all sizes and types of trucks and trailers. We have fostered a relationship with a number of industry leaders to ensure we provide our customers with every possible benefit and advantage modern technology can offer.

Our company is built upon the desire to make loading a vehicle easy and efficient. That’s why we have created technologies for the transportation industry that measurably increase profitability, efficiency, and safety. Our scales allow drivers to get from A to B rapidly and without over or under loading concerns, enabling fleet managers to utilize their trucks efficiently and profitably.

“Air-Weigh is primarily a technology company, providing durable, reliable, and intuitive on-board weighing systems which allow both the driver and the home office to make on-the-spot decisions to improve fleet profitability.”

Our Current Products:

  • QuickWeigh
  • QuickWeigh App
  • QuickLoad & QuickLoad Plus
  • LoadMaxx & LoadMaxx Plus
  • LoadMaxx App
  • BinMaxx
  • BinMaxx Cloud

Our Goal

Air-Weigh is here to provide you with an integrated, intuitive on-board scale solution that has the connectivity you need to get the most out of your fleet.

Our Technology

Always innovating

Air-Weigh was founded in 1987 after we saw a need within the trucking industry and decided to build a solution. At that time, the main concern was that of individual truckers, hoping to avoid expensive fines while still transporting the maximum load allowed.

Over the last thirty years, times and technologies have changed. We have gone from ordering out of a Sears catalog to shopping on our cell phones and expecting next day delivery. Giant companies rely heavily on fleets of trucks to bring goods to their customers quickly.

Air-Weigh is always developing new technologies to meet the needs of any trucking company that wishes to become more efficient and more profitable. Our on-board scales don’t just help your drivers avoid tickets, they provide valuable data to the back-office so that routes and loads can be evaluated, tracked, and changed in real-time to expand company profitability. Air-Weigh also provides custom engineering designs within the industry. We’ve worked on a range of designs from parts to full system development involving electrical mechanical and software subsystems. 

Air-Weigh is primarily a technology company, providing durable, reliable, and intuitive on-board weighing systems

Integration technologies with the LoadMaxx and BinMaxx scales allows the data you need to be accessed easily. BinMaxx has a free option to upload data to the cloud so that management can view reports, identify non-profitable accounts, and change billing strategies.

Our technologies are fulfilling needs, creating a more cost-effective, safe, and profitable trucking industry.

Eugene, Or


Air-Weigh is an American-owned company making our products right here in the USA. Every one of our scales is developed and manufactured here in America. So, if you’re looking for American Made, you can’t get better than Air-Weigh!

We are also proud members of the Truckload Carriers Association and the Technology Maintenance Council.

Working as a team

Air-Weigh is a group of innovators and forward-thinkers dedicated to improving safety and profitability within the transportation industry.


We are always on the lookout for great employees and industry partners who share our vision.

It takes a great team to make great products. With experts in design, engineering, training, and customer support, the Air-Weigh team is proud to represent a truly American Made product. From the boardroom to the warehouse, each employee brings a single-minded dedication to caring for the product and their customers.

Our Philosophy

Committed to quality

Air-Weigh provides innovative product solutions for the transportation industry. We promote and expect collaboration among all stakeholders. Internal customers and the applicable requirements of our products are satisfied by continually improving our processes, through the utilization of our Business Operating System.

Accountability – Every job, Every day.

Air-Weigh is a technology company committed to quality
ISO Certified

We have successfully recertified to ISO 9001:2015, the leading internationally recognized Quality Management standard. ISO 9001 certified companies are independently audited to a set of good business practices at least annually.

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