Air-Weigh and Geotab Integration

Air-Weigh and Geotab Integration

As the fleet managers’ role continues to evolve and the industry morphs from pen and paper to everything living in the virtual cloud, data can be accessed from anywhere at any point of the day. Efficiencies have become a new standard as more and more data comes available at our fingertips instantly.

With Geotab and Air-Weigh On-Board Scales, the fleet manager can view weight data for their entire fleet and make educated business decisions like never before. Taking those data points and evaluating day-over-day and week-over-week trends, fleets can easily find lost time, lost loads and even lost profits with accountable data.

How it works

Weight data is transmitted from the Air-Weigh scale over the CANbus, through a J1939 protocol to the Geotab GO device, where it is then transmitted to the MyGeotab portal. Fleets working with their third-party reseller are able to craft customized reports, specific to the customer’s needs and wants. This allows each solution to be specific to the needs of the fleet and not just generic reporting. Reporting is often used to monitor weight utilization, overload exceptions, driver performance, tonnage by customer, tonnage by lane and ton-mile efficiencies: mpg per ton-mile.

A Smarter Weight technology – SmartWeight®

Air-Weighs’ proprietary technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide high-quality accurate steer, drive, trailer and gross vehicle weights with never before seen accuracy. Multiple sensory inputs and vehicle operating parameters are monitored by an advanced proprietary algorithm to achieve intelligent weight reports in much the same way you would expect if a driver was managing the vehicle to achieve optimum weights. All of this is accomplished automatically, in real-time throughout the vehicle operation cycle with no additional steps being needed from the driver.

SmartWeight is consistently collecting information about the truck and using it to formulate an intelligent prediction of the actual on-the-ground weight of each axle group. The SmartWeight feature then identifies many of these normal interferences to determine which weight samples are optimum. When the Geotab GO device receives SmartWeight data it can then make quick, easy decisions about the quality of the weight, and how best to apply it.

With SmartWeight, fleet managers receive the data they need, data they can rely on to make educated decisions in the moment. Furthermore, reporting provided by the third-party allows fleet owners and managers to evaluate daily, weekly and monthly loads and trips. When you’ve got a fleet of 500 trucks, running 3 loads each per day, and you find out 70% are underloaded, the excess trips that could have been avoided will add up quickly. Those numbers increase money left on the dock, underutilization of equipment and inefficient asset management.

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