Air-Weigh announces integration with Tangerine, offering AI powered data insights

Air-Weigh announces integration with Tangerine, offering AI powered data insights

The integration of Air-Weigh’s innovative on-board scales and Tangerine’s AI-powered data analytics offers improved fleet operational efficiencies with complete visibility of vehicles and helps abide with compliance and regulatory changes.

Air-Weigh and Tangerine are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Tangerine’s AI-powered data analytics platform with Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx commercial container weight scale.

At times it can be a challenge for refuse fleets to know which accounts are profitable and which accounts are being undercharged. That’s where an Air-Weigh BinMaxx on-board scale integrated with Tangerine’s Jido Sense can display each bin lift weight as well as full detailed reporting so smarter business decisions can be made. Weight and location data is captured on each bin lift and securely uploaded to the cloud for analysis and reporting.

The Air-Weigh Tangerine partnership ensures fleet managers are provided with real-time weight information that is accessible on the dashboard and stored on the cloud, enabling fleet owners to get actionable insights on each account and better assess which account is profitable from those that are not.

Jim Janke, Air-Weigh Integration Specialist – “The partnership with Tangerine accelerates fleets’ efficiencies by giving fleet managers instant weight data at their fingertips with AI reporting analysis. With the combination of weight data along with other vehicle readings for each route, managers can make educated business decisions and increase overall profits.”

Sunija Rishi, Tangerine Co-founder and COO – “Air-Weigh, being the global leader in electronic on-board weighing technology, has been working closely with Tangerine, to integrate our AI-powered telematics data analytics solution with their comprehensive product line of scales for refuse trucks, to ensure accurate data such as pickup location, route taken, driver performance, vehicle utilization, fleet maintenance, collision reports, etc. can be viewed and managed from one intuitive platform.”

Michael Golde, Controller at National Waste Services LLC – “Having installed Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx device, integrated with Tangerine’s Jido Sense and Vision devices, we are not only able to prevent overweight load tickets of our rentals but are also able to live track our vehicles, manage driver behavior and ensure asset safety. One of our vehicles was involved in an accident and blamed for the same, with the video telematics device installed in the vehicle, we were able to exonerate the driver with proof, avoiding serious damage and legal liability. The Platform has over-exceeded my expectations.”

About Tangerine Tangerine is a fully vertically integrated Smart Mobility and Insurance Telematics Platform company that offers solutions for fleet management, insurance telematics, and compliance. With products and services for planning, diagnostics, and analytics they enable commercial fleets and insurance, to manage heterogeneous fleets. Tangerine allows businesses to harness the value of data like never before, enabling them to make informed decisions with real-time insights and be safer, smarter, and more profitable.

About Air-Weigh  Founded in 1987, Air-Weigh’s innovative on-board electronic weighing solutions are known for accuracy and toughness. Featuring a comprehensive product line of scales, they provide solutions for both trucks and trailers with mechanical or air suspensions. With expertise in advanced on-board scale communications, they offer a complete vehicle weighing system that will help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize profitability.

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