See Us at Waste Expo for Truck Scales and New Products

Stop by our booth #1328 at Waste Expo to see the future of refuse truck scales using the latest and greatest technology. With the BinMaxx front-end loader scale, you know the content weight of each container you lift. There’s no need to guess, and with knowledge comes the power to charge your customers the right price. With tipping fees increasing each year, charging the correct price becomes more important. See this article for trends in the evolution of on-board scales for haulers.

Learn About the Most Advanced Truck Scales

Cloud technology has come to the refuse truck world with our BinMaxx XL. At Waste Expo we’re showing how our Cloud-based software accesses data easily and securely, manages pickup fees and charges and tracks productivity and profitability. This convenient system downloads detailed lift reports as spreadsheets or PDFs, and automatically uploads data to a mainframe computer as soon as it is within 300 feet of the yard. For more information on this exciting enhancement check out our brochure or visit our website at

Enter To Win an Echo Dot

In addition to seeing our latest products to grow your business, anyone who leaves a business card will be entered to win an Echo Dot at the end of Tuesday and Wednesday. We hope to see you there!