Air-Weigh Integrates with Geotab Fleet Management Solutions

Air-Weigh Integrates with Geotab Fleet Management Solutions

Air-Weigh is pleased to announce a new integration partnership with Geotab, Inc., a leading provider of fleet management solutions to freight carriers of all sizes. Air-Weigh’s LoadMaxx scales can now be purchased in the Geotab Marketplace, and LoadMaxx data can be managed and analyzed in the MyGeotab dashboard, a web-based software platform available to all Geotab customers. LoadMaxx digital onboard scales measure individual axle group weights using patented deflection and air sensor technology, delivering real-time weights to the in-cab display, including:
  • Steer
  • Drive
  • Trailer (for tractor-trailers)
  • GVW
  • Net Payload
With this new release, the Air-Weigh LoadMaxx scale data can be combined with other MyGeotab data sources like fuel consumption, driving habits, vehicle tracking, and maintenance to provide robust actionable information for fleet managers and business owners. Providing all of these solutions on one dashboard. The platform boasts a sizeable array of business intelligence reports and tools that integrate these different data sources, allowing users to perform advanced analysis on topics ranging from route optimization and driver behavior management to engine health and GPS tracking. “Our goal for fleets is to maximize the payload they haul and minimize the complexity and effort in their operation,” says Air-Weigh CEO, Martin Ambros. “This integrated solution with Geotab allows customers to better analyze their productivity and increase their profitability.” To learn more about this exciting integration, visit the Geotab website or contact one of your  Air-Weigh representatives. Website: Call: 888.459.3444 Email: [email protected]  

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