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Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx scale is an arm mounted weigh-in motion scale that can optimize the profitability of commercial FEL routes.

“I just did six days on the road visiting customers, doing installs and tune-ups; it was one of my best weeks to date.”

BinMaxx provides Graybill a quality on-board scale solution that combined with his quality installations drive customer retention and repeat scale request.

Bob Graybill has been working his whole life. Home-schooled in rural Pennsylvania so he could help his father with the family farm, he learned early on that there is no
substitute for hard honest work.

“We’re a family business,” says Graybill, referring to Graybill Equipment & Repair, Inc., the company his father started and Bob now runs. “My father was a farmer, but 40 years ago, he started fixing garbage trucks, too, because in our area, farmers kinda do everything. And it was known that my dad could fix anything. Over the years, we’ve gradually gotten out of farming, but working with garbage trucks has continued to be what we do.”

Introduced to Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx scales several years ago, Bob quickly became a convert. He installed them on all of Graybill Equipment’s front-loading trucks and became an Air-Weigh dealer in the process. Since then, he has emerged as one of the most sought-after BinMaxx dealer/installers in North America. Bob works with clients who value his work ethic, his dedication to excellence, and his passion for how Air-Weigh scales provide the perfect solution.


“I just did six days on the road visiting customers, doing installs and tune-ups; it was one of my best weeks to date. I enjoy visiting my customers, I work hard to bring value to their business. I believe they see the passion and pride I have in my work and because of that my business is growing by word of mouth, not through advertising or a website.”

Bob Graybill, Graybill Equipment

Introduction to Binmaxx

“I was homeschooled so I could work with my dad on the farm and in the shop. So, this has been my life,” Bob says of his experience in the refuse industry, both as a hauler, truck dealer, and mechanic. Having been in the business his entire life, he’s seen a lot of gimmicks and fads come and go.”

Graybill Truck
Graybill Front Loader
Waste Container Loading


“Over the years, we tried numerous different scales, but we never liked them. Eventually, I walked away from scales until Jack Ewing called me a little over four years ago.”

Jack Ewing had recently joined Air-Weigh as an East Coast Sales Manager and knew Bob would be won over by the quality of Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx scale.

“I was sold pretty quickly after Jack first showed me BinMaxx. It just made sense to switch companies when I saw it: finally, this is the solution the industry has been looking for.”

After seeing the quality of the BinMaxx scale and its potential to revolutionize the industry, Bob was all in and began gathering the tools and skills he needed to start installing Air-Weigh scales.

“So, after I did one BinMaxx install, I decided I was going to get my own calibration can, I’m going to stock my own scales, and I’m going to try to become self-sufficient so that I can be an asset to Air-Weigh, not a liability.”

Committing to Three a Year

Initially, Bob only agreed to be an installer. He was a little hesitant to commit to selling the scales himself. “I told Jack, ‘You sell, ‘em, I’ll install ‘em.’” But after some coaxing, he made a goal to sell a specific number of scales for the coming year.

“I said, ‘Okay, I’ll commit to selling three this year,’ and Jack kinda chuckled,” says Graybill. “But I said, ‘That’s my commitment.’”

It was a modest beginning, but once he got going, Bob Graybill quickly became one of the most active Air-Weigh dealers in the country.

“Now, I order five to seven scales at a time once or twice a month. I have seven systems upstairs, and I just sold three over the phone this morning because a customer told a customer that told someone else.”


Passion Driving Repeat Business

“He’s unique in the sense that he’s smaller than the average packer body dealer that we partner with, but what also makes him unique is his dedication to his craft,” says Jack Ewing. “Together, we’ve really seen the BinMaxx explode on the East Coast, and it’s his dedication to doing a quality install every time that’s driving a good bit of that.”

“The percentage of repeat business for me is amazing. It blows my mind.” says Bob. “Customers want to put a scale on one of their trucks, just to try it. Then, I’ll get a call that they want another one. Then, they want three more.” And it is the quality of his installations as much as the quality of the equipment that drives customer excitement.

Indeed, while crediting the elite craftsmanship of Air-Weigh’s scales and their dedication to excellence as being integral to his success, “a product is only as good as the installation. Out of the box, the BinMaxx is fantastic, but if the person installing it doesn’t have the knowledge or passion to do it right, the installation may not bring customers back for more.”

Bob’s devotion to quality and passion for ensuring a high-caliber experience with the BinMaxx scale every time differentiates him from other dealers, and it’s hard to argue with the results.

“When a customer commits to me, they get me, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I go to them, I bring my own stuff, and I install it like it’s going onto one of my own trucks. Also, during the first install, I’ll train their best mechanic to do the installations like me, so they can be self-sufficient. And once they see how amazing the BinMaxx is, they want more.”

“And I love the results. I love the fact that it’s repeat business. It’s not once and done. We’re one of Air-Weigh’s top dealers, and I don’t spend a dime on marketing. It’s passion and quality that drives our success.”

True Partnership Means Shared Success

“I take a big role in my partnership with Air-Weigh because I’m passionate about the product. In that way, it’s different from any product I’ve ever sold. I live and breathe it,” says Bob.

Occasionally, he’ll send Jack suggestions for modifications that would make the BinMaxx easier to install or operate, and many of those suggestions are now integrated into the product. Seeing Air-Weigh’s success as his own and vice-versa, Bob never stops trying to improve the customer experience.

“I push because I represent Air-Weigh, and I want my customers to be happy,” says Bob. Graybill recognizes that being a team player benefits everyone. “Some dealers just want to take an order, but I see my role as a partner because the more Air-Weigh products that are out there, the more business it creates for all of us. Again, because of that word-of-mouth.”

“I don’t want to be the selfish guy saying, ‘I have this great thing going, and I don’t want anyone to know about it.’ I want everyone to know about it! The more people know how profitable it can be, the better it’ll be for all of us.”

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