Case Study - Wannemacher Enterprises Inc. Cuts In-Ground Scale Expense

Solution Overview

Air-Weigh’s on-board scale solutions assisted Wannemacher Enterprises with cutting in-ground scale costs.


Operating their own fleet of 50+ trucks, Wannemacher Enterprises hauls food grade materials in the New England region.


Adding on-board scales eliminated time and cost associated with check-weighing.

Wannemacher Enterprises operates 50+ trucks  which provide reliable and efficient shipping within their home region of the New England States and also long-haul to Georgia and Kansas. Wannemacher mostly hauls food grade material packaged in large bags or boxes that are very heavy. Before installing Air- Weigh scales, Wannemacher drivers were spending time and money check-weighing every load at an in-ground scale. With Air-Weigh on-board electronic scales, the drivers now weigh at the loading dock and get on the road faster.

According to Jeff Sacher, Operations Manager, When Wannemacher started using Air- Weigh scales two years ago, their main objective was to eliminate the cost of check- weigh fees at in-ground scales. They also hoped to allow drivers to identify and correct loading problems before leaving the shipper’s dock. They quickly realized additional benefits of using the Air-Weigh scales. Not only did they eliminate the check-weigh fees, but their drivers were logging fewer out-of-route miles, which resulted in improved HOS times.

Discovering Results and Profitability

“We are more efficient and profitable because of the Air-Weigh system,” Jeff reveals, “It pays for itself and allows me to cut costs.” Wannemacher was able to cut their scale expenses by 70% in only one year with Air-Weigh scales installed on about 65% of their fleet. Jeff also estimates that drivers are saving at least half an hour per load by addressing weight issues before leaving the shipper’s location.

Jeff also reports that drivers prefer trucks that have the scales installed. “The best testimonial that embodies the product you have comes from our drivers. If we put them in a truck that does not have an Air-Weigh, I hear from them almost immediately saying they want Air-Weigh.”


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Wannemacher Cuts In-ground Scale Expense

Wannemacher cuts in-ground scale expenses with on-board scales. View or download this case study as a PDF version.