Loading large, heavy equipment doesn’t leave much room for going back and forth between vehicle and job site. While you’re loading, you don’t want to stop in the middle of your job to check weights via an in-cab display or monitor. You need an easy and clear way of knowing when to stop loading without slowing down your productivity. 

Air-Weigh on board scales offer different options for checking your vehicle’s weight while outside of the vehicle, without interrupting your work process. 

Automatic alarms.

Air-Weigh scales have programmable built-in warning weight and overweight alarms with automatic vehicle controls. Our scales can easily connect to any alarm output or vehicle control of your choice so that you’re clearly notified of your vehicle’s weight status.

LoadMaxx App.

Our LoadMaxx app available for iPhone and Android is a scale in the palm of your hand. View steer, drive, net payload and GVW from the app’s user friendly interface. Email weights back to the home office and save up to 100 weighing events. Download here. 


We recently integrated with Aarcomm, a designer and manufacturer of remote controls for hydro excavators and hydrovacs. If you have both an Air-Weigh scale and Aarcomm handheld remote, you can view weights while operating your equipment at the same time. Read the case study here 

To learn more about the features and benefits of Air-Weigh on board scales for hydrovacs and hydro excavators, head over to our Vac Trucks page.

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