For Jaeger Logistics, Air-Weigh On-Board Scales ‘Changed Everything’ By Eliminating Four-To-Five Daily Scale Visits

North Dakota-Based Grain Hauler Gets Back an Hour a Day and Puts It to Good Use



October 5, 2023

EUGENE, Oregon – Hauling grain anywhere a customer needs it, 33.5 tons per run, is nothing new for Washburn, North Dakota-based Jaeger Logistics. The company has been doing that since 1985 – squeezing as many such runs as possible into a day.

But until recently, each day’s attempt to maximize runs and revenue was complicated by the need to visit an in-ground scale before each haul. It happened at least four times a day, and often five times. That cost the company at least an hour per day, and that was under the best of circumstances (no other trucks in line, no need to reload after a finding of being overweight).

Getting that hour back could be worth an additional $200 a day for Jaeger, if there was a way to make it happen. And in 2021, owner Randy Jaeger decided there was a way:

He purchased his first on-board scale from Air-Weigh.

The result was that the scale visits were completely eliminated, saving that hour’s worth of time outside routes and ensuring every load could reach the maximum legal weight without the risk of exceeding the limit.

“They’ve changed everything,” Jaeger said. “That’s why these scales came in so handy for me, because now I don’t have to go out of route every time I do a run.”

Jaeger also noted that the Air-Weigh on-board scales show the weight of each truck, updated in real time, as it’s being loaded. That means that, once the Air-Weigh scale shows the truck has reached the legal limit, the driver can simply shut the trailer and go.

“We can legally haul 33-and-a-half tons, and with the Air-Weigh scales it’s a lot safer and more convenient,” Jaeger said. “You know where you’re at as soon as they finish loading.”

Air-Weigh will be previewing a new scale model at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition from October 14-17 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Trucking companies who want to experience the same benefits are encouraged to attend the show and see for themselves what Air-Weigh has coming next.

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