From Show Horses to Hauling Hay, Loheac Horse Transport Aces The Transition With Help From Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

From Show Horses to Hauling Hay, Loheac Horse Transport Aces The Transition With Help From Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

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September 28, 2023

North Carolina-based Owner/Operator Succeeded at New Challenge Thanks in Part to LoadMaxx Tractor and Trailer Scales

Eugene, OR: Steven Loheac Horse Transport had been transporting show horses since 1992 when the family decided to move from New York to North Carolina. Upon arrival there, Loheac discovered there was a demand for a carrier who could haul hay and shavings to many of the same customers.

Loheac was up for the challenge, but he realized hauling hay was more weight-sensitive than transporting horses – as not every hay bale weighed the same amount. He needed to be able to load to the maximum legal weight every time – without the risk of exceeding the limit or of losing money by being too far under.

Air-Weigh on-board scales proved to be the solution. Loheac deployed one LoadMaxx tractor scale and four LoadMaxx Plus trailer scales so he could get an accurate weight reading while avoiding the need to visit in-ground scales.

“It’s not like bales of hay are all exactly 100 pounds,” Loheac said. “It’s not a uniform product with a uniform measure. But whether they are heavier or lighter, you want as much as possible. With these scales, I can load them to capacity the first time – right at my farm – and it saves me time while maximizing my payload.”

Loheac loads his trailers with a hay grapple, which can load 945 bales in an hour. That’s some serious power, and it’s even more valuable when you know you can load right up to the maximum legal weight and then stop with precision.

The most dramatic change for Loheac is that he can now load to the weight he wants every time – on the first try. Before getting the LoadMaxx scales from Air-Weigh, Loheac said he had never hit the correct weight on the first try.

“That’s like hitting the lottery,” Loheac said. “If I were to load and then drive to the local scale, you were never right the first time. You were either too light or too heavy. And if you’re light by 1,000 pounds, you’re leaving money on the table.”

On average, Loheac said the Air-Weigh scales save him 90 minutes every time he loads his trailer. And the visits to in-ground scales, which used to require an extra hour of travel each way, are eliminated. For all these reasons, he considers Air-Weigh on-board truck scales a necessity for anyone in the industry who wants to succeed.

“If you’re hauling something and you’re getting paid by the ton, Air-Weigh scales shouldn’t be on your want list – they should be on your need list,” Loheac said. “You need to have this product – especially today – to be profitable.”

Air-Weigh will be previewing a new scale model at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition from October 14-17 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Trucking companies who want to experience the same benefits are encouraged to attend the show and see for themselves what Air-Weigh has coming next.


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