The price of gas has recently surged to its highest level in three years. While anyone filling a tank may notice this hike, the trucking industry in particular is sure to find a sizeable bill uptick. An increase of 20 cents in truck stop fuel prices leads to an extra charge of 400 dollars per week for a truck driver.

When extra travel time is added to your route due to infrastructure issues and enforced weight limits, you are left with trips costing you more time and even more money at the gas pump. Add these extra miles to a trip that has already required you to travel out-of-route to check weigh your vehicle at a truck stop scale, and a good portion of your gas tank has been wasted on unnecessary miles.

Though not every out-of-route mile can be avoided, those extra trips just to check weigh can become a thing of the past. Knowing your vehicle’s weight at every loading site allows you to load right the first time, get on the road and head straight to your destination. Equipping your vehicle with onboard scales can save you fuel costs and increase profits by decreasing the number of out-of-route miles spent check weighing. If the nearest commercial scale is 30 miles out of the way round trip, you could be spending around $11 in extra gas just to check weigh. A nominal amount to spend just once, but should you make 12 trips to the scale in a month, your gas bill would reflect about a $132 increase.

Air-Weigh scales give accurate, on the ground weights for each axle group. When both tractor and trailer or a straight truck is equipped, your scale will also give the GVW and NET Payload weights. Via our LoadMaxx tractor or truck scale, your weights can also be sent to any smart device where each weight reading can be stored or emailed with time, date and GPS location.  There is no need to drive out of your way to check weigh, saving you on both time and money.

Since 1987 we have been an industry leader with our patented and reliable electronic weighing technology. Whether you are looking for scales for your truck, trailer, fleet or refuse vehicle, we have an on-board solution for you. Truly an investment that will (or can) improve efficiency and your bottom line. Visit our website at to learn more.