Know Your Weights with BinMaxx by Air-Weigh

Know Your Weights with BinMaxx by Air-Weigh

Are you throwing away your profits? Know your weights with BinMaxx.

Designed for front end loader refuse trucks, BinMaxx is the best way to maximize profitability and allows for service verification. Compare revenue to disposal costs on a customer-by-customer basis. Track container weights, then transmit weight data in real time via one of BinMaxx’s multiple data transfer methods.

Transform your fleet with these BinMaxx features:

  • Arm mounted deflection sensors
  • Designed for durability in the refuse environment
  • Accuracy not affected by humidity or altitude
  • Language options: English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Temperature compensation, accurate weights from -40 F to 185 F
  • Menu based setup; PIN protected settings
  • PIN protected dual point calibration
  • Integration with 3rd party onboard software capabilities
  • Optional printer to record all or selected bin weights

4 ways to download your data:

BinMaxx Cloud

BinMaxx Cloud provides our BinMaxx features along with transmitting lift and weight data from the vehicle to an office PC or smart device using Bluetooth.

Your Fleet Management Software

Air-Weigh integrates with several third-party fleet management software providers, including 3rd Eye, Routeware, Safe Fleet (FleetMind), Trux, and many other options. Transfer your valuable weight data back to the home office effortlessly using your existing on-board computer!

Use the Printer Option

BinMaxx has an available in-cab printer option available that can record and print daily lift data. A driver can easily print weight reports for simple data recording and management.

Write Data Down

BinMaxx provides all weight data on a clear, easy-to-read in-dash display. It’s simple for a driver to view, track and record each lift by simply writing the data down in their logbook.

All our scale solutions are designed, manufactured, and supported from our headquarters in Eugene, Oregon. We’re ISO 9001 certified and test all our scales according to SAE standards for reliability and quality.

Available through the Air-Weigh approved dealer network, OEM or 1-888-459-3444 for more information! Visit our refuse page for more information.

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