Lightweighting – Maximize your ROI

Lightweighting – Maximize your ROI

In trucking, it’s all about the payload. More freight hauled for a given level of resources means more profit, but a few recent industry trends have worked against this. Fleets are falling subject to increased weight regulation and enforcement, while their trucks are becoming heavier due to emissions regulations, fuel economy enhancements, and driver amenities.

To address these concerns, Fleets are turning to “lightweighting”. This method is used to identify parts of the tractor or trailer that could utilize lighter weight materials, or fewer components, without compromising safety. NACFE estimates that by using a lightweighting strategy there are opportunities to save between 2,000 and 4,000 lbs. on a typical tractor-trailer.

98% of the industry includes refrigerated and heavy haul operators who pay between $2 and $5 for every pound saved by lightweighting. According to NACFE (North American Council for Freight Efficiency), these fleets will increasingly double the amount of time they gross out based on shipper demands. As a result, their interest in lightweighting should grow in the years ahead. Bulk haulers, who represent 2% of the industry, will pay even more per pound saved, and have already invested heavily in lightweighting.

But why bother making this investment if you don’t know how much you’re loading? Knowing the vehicle’s weight with Air-Weigh on-board scales complements lightweighting whether you are a trailer OEM designing a weight-reduced trailer, or a fleet committed to operating more efficiently. By using on-board scales, drivers know the weight of the load right at the loading site, eliminating the risk of overweight fines and avoiding the profit loss that comes with underloading. Making Air-Weigh on-board scales a part of your lightweighting strategy will maximize the investment for a greater and faster return.



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