Air-Weigh Announces Release of BinMaxx Cloud Scale for Front End Loader Refuse Vehicles

For Immediate Release

Eugene, OR, September 05, 2018 – Air-Weigh, an innovator in on-board weighing solutions for commercial vehicles, is unveiling the next generation refuse bin scale named BinMaxx Cloud. The product combines the features of their successful front-loading BinMaxx Scale with a modern cloud-based portal. With the ability to access container content weight for individual commercial containers, pickup location, and detailed customer information from any smart device or computer, back office users can efficiently view, manage and export valuable data.

In an effort to offer an economical solution that identifies unprofitable commercial accounts and maximize profitability for refuse haulers, Air-Weigh is thrilled to launch the BinMaxx Cloud. With no monthly fees, and no data storage fees, BinMaxx Cloud is the lowest cost solution in the industry. The new front-end loader arm scale utilizes cloud-based technology to collect and store data automatically. BinMaxx Cloud identifies and records each lift on a daily basis with no effort on the driver’s part.

“This is an exciting product that is going to serve the industry well,” says Air-Weigh CEO Martin Ambros. “It’s an opportunity for customers to better understand who is over-utilizing and who is underutilizing their services, which is invaluable knowledge for managing operations.”

In addition to storing data securely, BinMaxx Cloud gives users the ability to view and manage detailed customer information. A user-friendly portal displays container weight, lift locations, pickup fees, and expected landfill charges. Additionally, a user is able to generate detailed lift reports in both spreadsheet and PDF formats for easy analysis.

BinMaxx Cloud is a weigh-in-motion scale with arm mounted sensors. With sensors on the vehicle’s arms, there is greater advantage in functionality, durability and cost over other fork mounted scales. BinMaxx Cloud comes with a powerful transmitter that uploads daily lift data to the provided base station upon a vehicle’s return to the yard. Once the upload is complete, data is safely and securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed through the user portal from any computer or smart device.

“You’re purchasing a scale, but you’re really purchasing weight information that will allow you to optimize your company’s profitability. However, this weight information is useless in the cab of the truck. It must be available to management back at the office, where the analysis of the data is most valuable. BinMaxx Cloud is how this data transfer is seamlessly achieved.” Says Air-Weigh’s East Region Sales Manager, Jack Ewing.

The scale is the latest revolution in Air-Weigh’s commitment to lower costs and maximize profitability for commercial waste haulers. For more information, visit BinMaxx Cloud.


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