EUGENE, Ore. (BUSINESS WIRE) — April 30, 2012— Air-Weigh, the global provider of on-board scales, has teamed with Routeware to integrate data from on-board scales into the HomePort refuse solution system. The newly incorporated data will allow fleet managers in the refuse industry to monitor the weight of their vehicles and see vehicle weight information in real time.
“The combination of Air-Weigh’s on-board scales and Routeware’s route management products and services is a natural fit,” said Martin Ambros, president and CEO of Air-Weigh. “We are pleased to be working together to bring our advanced scale technology to the refuse industry.”
Routeware HomePort customers who have Air-Weigh scales on their vehicles will now see vehicle weight information in real time. Fleet managers will be able to monitor the weight of their vehicles and determine when they need to go to the landfill. The integrated on-board scale technology will also eliminate over-weight tickets that often happen at or on the way to the landfill.
The Routeware system not only provides the ability to store scale data and overweight alerts, but also provides fleet managers with real time updates of any abnormal events that might occur. With HomePort, companies can know where their trucks are and what they’re doing from the time they leave the yard until they return at the end of the day.
“The HomePort system with Air-Weigh data will save fleet managers valuable time and money,” said Tom Malone, president and CEO of Routeware. “Air-Weigh is a company that shares our interest in improving efficiency through high-quality products.”
About Routeware
Founded in 1999, Routeware helps waste haulers optimize routes, track driver field activity, and cut costs with a powerful combination of on-board computing and back office software. Our system is easy to install, easy to use, and gives waste haulers powerful tools that shine the light on every aspect of their hauling operation. With Routeware, haulers plug revenue leaks, reduce direct costs, improve safety, and improve customer satisfaction.
About Air-Weigh
Based in Eugene, Oregon, Air-Weigh is a global company that provides on-board electronic scales for numerous vehicle types in the refuse and transportation industry. Air-Weigh’s current scale offerings include both the LoadMaxx and QuickLoad Series of truck, tractor, and trailer scales for air and mechanical suspensions. With Air-Weigh scales, fleets are able to eliminate weight-related costs including in-ground scale fees, time, out-of-route miles, fuel, overweight fines, and delays in truck stops. For more information, go to
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