Circle R Side Dump’s New SuperCube high capacity trailer features
Air-Weigh on-board load monitoring.
Circle R Side Dump Trailers, a leader in side dump trailer design, has made Air-Weigh’s digital QuickLoad Trailer Scale standard on the new 37’ SuperCube high capacity, side dump trailer. Knowing that high capacity trailers can easily exceed DOT weight limits when loaded with heavy materials, Circle R made the decision to include Air-Weigh as standard equipment on this rugged new entry in the side dump arena.
Air-Weigh’s icon-based touchscreen set-up and user-friendly operation make it a favorite among operators. The QuickLoad Trailer Scale includes molded electrical and air connections for reliable operation in all operating environments. When displaying weight, the bright, backlit transflective display features large numbers which are easily readable from a distance.
With the Quick-Load Trailer Scale’s instant display, fleets are able to take advantage of today’s lighter weight trailer designs. QuickLoad is unique in the market with programmable warning weight and alarm weight LEDs that shine forward, rearward and outward. The LEDs can be set to flash at any warning weight and then go solid at a programmable target threshold. LEDs are easily viewed when self-loading or via the side view mirror when driver must remain in cab during loading.
“In designing our new Circle R SuperCube high capacity Side Dump Trailer, we felt it would be necessary to provide a reliable on-board weighing solution for our customers. Considering the accuracy they achieve through their dual-point calibration system and the reasonable price, Air-Weigh was an easy choice for us to include as standard equipment on this new trailer,” says Nick Jensen, Circle R’s President of Product Development and Distribution.
Air-Weigh’s Bob Zirlin, Director of Trailer OEM Sales and Marketing, stated “Industry leaders like Circle R know that to stay ahead in the competitive trailer manufacturing sector they need to be constantly innovating and using the best technology. We are pleased that Circle R recognized the QuickLoad Trailer Scale as the best solution for their customers.”