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New Air-Weigh Scale Enhances Safety for Work Trucks

Air-Weigh’s onboard axle scale is the industry’s first weight management solution for work trucks.

EUGENE, Ore. – July 14, 2016 – In the past, onboard scales for commercial work trucks have not been available. That just changed with the new LoadMaxx Work Truck Scale released by Air-Weigh.

Available now, it is the industry’s first onboard axle scale that will improve your safety record while making you more efficient. For example, overloading remains one of the top three causes of crane and hoist accidents on work trucks. At least one vehicle overturns for every 10,000 hours of crane use, and 80 percent of these incidents stem from excess weight.

The new LoadMaxx Work Truck Scale warns the driver when a vehicle’s weight approaches its safety threshold, allowing operators to load every truck safely, every time.

Without an onboard scale, operators must rely on instinct or experience to determine whether a truck is loaded legally and safely. Air-Weigh’s state-of-the-art weighing technology drastically reduces the threat of overloading without disrupting a fleet’s efficiency and eliminating overweight fines.

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