Scale and Control is Newest Premier Reseller of Air-Weigh Products

Scale and Control is Newest Premier Reseller of Air-Weigh Products

For Immediate Release

July 19, 2023

Eugene, OR: Air-Weigh is delighted to announce its partnership with newest authorized reseller Scale and Control, Inc. This exciting collaboration will enable Scale and Control, Inc., also known as SCI, to offer a comprehensive range of Air-Weigh products, providing customers with state-of-the-art on-board scale solutions.

By joining forces with Air-Weigh, Scale and Control, Inc. expands its portfolio of advanced solutions and reinforces its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its customers. The partnership will enable Scale and Control, Inc. to offer a range of Air-Weigh products, including the newest budget-friendly digital PSI gauge and on-board scale, QuickWeigh, the highly acclaimed LoadMaxx and LoadMaxx Plus series, and BinMaxx solutions.

Air-Weigh is a renowned industry leader in onboard weighing systems, empowering fleet operators to optimize payload and enhance operational efficiency. Air-Weigh’s cutting-edge technology helps businesses reduce wasted time and miles utilizing in-ground scales, lower fuel consumption, and mitigate the risk of overweight violations by knowing weights in real time.

Scale and Control, Inc. takes pride in its ability to provide tailored solutions to transportation companies, from small businesses to large fleets. The addition of Air-Weigh products to its offerings further strengthens the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies that drive efficiency and productivity in the transportation industry.

The partnership will also be supported by the Air-Weigh and the Scale and Control dedicated teams of industry experts who are committed to providing outstanding customer service and guidance throughout the purchasing and implementation process.

Air-Weigh products are available from Scale and Control, Inc. at (888) 239-0552 or by visiting

About Scale and Control, Inc.: Scale and Control Inc. is a manufacturer of on-board scale solutions for cranes and lifting, and aggregate, landscape supply, logging, material handling, farming, and port scales. Additionally, SCI resells quality technological solutions for tractor/trailers, cameras, obstacle detectors, diesel tanks, and fuel tanks. Scale and Control (SCI) is based in Winona, MN. For more information:

About Air-Weigh: Air-Weigh is an On-Board Scale manufacturer of innovative and technological weighing solutions for trucks, tractors, trailers, front-end loader refuse vehicles and more for mechanical and air suspensions. Based in Eugene, OR, Air-Weigh brands include LoadMaxx, LoadMaxx Plus, QuickLoad, QuickLoad Plus, QuickWeigh and BinMaxx. For more information:


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