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"Well, in a word, price! Not going to lie. We have had other scale systems in the past, and they are very pricey! With Air weigh, same technology, better customer support, and really, half the cost. And in business, nothing is wrong with that!"

Jeff Dee Jeff Dee CEO Eastern Sanitation

"In the first month of use, we identified approximately $30,000 lost revenue from underpriced accounts that we were servicing on a monthly basis. We were able to renegotiate those accounts over the following five months and realize a $10,000 profit. While we were not able to keep every single customer, we were able to realize over $260,000 in annual operational income from the weight audits."

Jason LeckJason LeckLeck Waste Services

tractor/trailer reviews

"Air-Weigh, for us, is about eliminating the guesswork. It may take more time to load a trailer and weigh it, but it’s more accurate; it saves mistakes. Otherwise a driver might load to about 75,000 pounds, guess the trailer is full, and we’d lose two tons of profit."

Brandon HarrierBrandon HarrierWillow Creek Trucking

"Air-Weigh support staff are always friendly, patient and ready to help with the needs of my company’s fleet. They are consistently fair with warranty repairs and timely in returning them to service. Despite my own limited knowledge of electronics, they have the expertise and foresight to understand what I am talking about."

Wendy WilliamsWendy WilliamsSmithfield

"The Air-Weigh system on our trailers allows our drivers to visually see the axle weight before they leave the shipper’s facility which saves time and fuel by not having to find a scale to verify proper axle weight, and may also save us a trip back to the shipper to adjust the load distribution of the trailer!"

Wendy WilliamsWendy WilliamsSmithfield

"I purchased Air-Weigh scales after looking at the other options and felt that it was the best overall product for my Single Point Trailer application. We are constantly loading our construction trucks with no scales around. The LoadMaxx onboard trailer scale helps us prevent overload tickets and gives us peace of mind that we will not be overloaded in the event of an accident. From one truck to a fleet, I believe Air-Weigh scales are a must have and the accuracy is amazing.Thank you Air-Weigh!

Ryan MayfieldRyan MayfieldR&M Construction Services

dealer reviews

"We started looking into on-board scales after having multiple discussions with our customers about overweight tickets costing them thousands of dollars. Air-Weigh has worked great for our customers! Our customers are quite happy with the results as they are now able to get their maximum payload and not worry about overload tickets. It has improved their bottom line on efficiency & pay. It has also improved the way we help our customers! Air-Weigh is willing to help find solutions for a variety of needs. Our customers are able to call Air-Weigh directly with any questions and concerns regarding the correct system to use for their application."

Vern TurnerVern TurnerDealer - Fort Garry Indiana

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