The potential costs of over and underloading

The potential costs of over and underloading

Depending on how long you’ve been a truck driver, you’ve likely come upon a situation where you were overloaded at least once. It’s actually quite easy for some vehicles to become overweight without the driver, fleet manager, or anyone else noticing. Warehouse distribution centers, construction fields, gravel yards, and many other industries are constantly in-motion moving material and loading trucks, all while attempting to maximize efficiency and productivity.

When talking about tons of weight, slipping a few thousand pounds over or underweight is not really that difficult, especially with certain materials. When an overloaded vehicle rolls into a weigh station, a number of things can happen.  The driver could face hefty fines, local regulations could require the driver to offload some of the material, and hours of driving time could be lost. When an underloaded vehicle leaves the dock, potential profit is left behind, which can add up to huge losses if done repeatedly.

What’s the Solution?

Some trucking fleets have their own in-ground scales, and while that’s helpful, it means locking everything down and the driver navigating to those scales. If they’re overloaded, then more time is spent offloading. If the vehicle is underweight, more time is wasted maximizing the load.

The solution is to have an accurate on-board scale system.

The benefits of an Air-Weigh on-board electronic scale.

Reaching the target weight the first time means loading efficiently, avoiding fines, detours, and other costly hassles.

With an Air-Weigh on-board scale, drivers will know how much their vehicle weighs at the loading site, providing an easy solution to previously complicated loading procedures. Save time. Save money.

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