TMC 2018 show report – Smart Trailers take center stage

TMC 2018 show report – Smart Trailers take center stage

The dust has settled, and we’ve now had a week to reflect on our time at TMC 2018. The sold out exhibitor floor was buzzing with the latest advances in trucking, as new technologies continue to be realized. Among the expected conversation of autonomous trucks and electric vehicles, a new phrase took center stage; “The smart trailer”. The once considered “dumb trailer” is evolving with the help of advanced telematics that provide data for predictive maintenance and efficient fleet management. Where there has been a noticeable communication gap between trailers and the smart trucks that pull them, companies are seeing an opportunity for better connectivity. New integrated telematics solutions are being offered for trailers that can do more than just track location. They can monitor miles traveled, door openings, damaged lights, flat tires, and much more.

As trailers become Smart, load sensing will provide some of the key data sought after by fleets. As information technologies increasingly take hold of trucking, the spotlight will be on hardware integrated with sensors, providing the data needed to manage fleets efficiently. Air-Weigh scales provide valuable data by using air pressure or deflection sensors, and communicating weights to the tractor, on-board computers, and third-party integrators.

Now more than ever, the value of sensors is being realized and is seen as part of a holistic solution to maximizing productivity of both tractors and trailers. The Internet of Things has come to trucking.

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