According to EREF, tipping fees increased nationwide at an average 6.5% in 2017.

Regions that are seeing the most dramatic increases are looking for ways to better manage their waste operations. Running an efficient operation could mean the difference between making and losing money.

Knowing the content weight of every commercial container you lift is the key to unlocking more profit. Imagine having the information you need to make smart business decisions before profit is lost.

Air-Weigh has an on-board scale to do just that.

Our arm mounted BinMaxx system for front end loaders gives you the information you need to determine if you are charging your customers correctly. As tipping fees continue to increase, the knowledge you gain from BinMaxx provides what you need to operate wisely and efficiently, while optimizing profitability.

Average Tip Fees
The Average tip fees are highest in the pacific region, according to data collected and analyzed by EREF in January.

Learn more about BinMaxx for front end loader vehicles here. 

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