Virtual weight enforcement is the future – Air-Weigh scales are the solution!

Virtual weight enforcement is the future – Air-Weigh scales are the solution!

July 11th, 2017

It’s estimated that 30 billion tons of freight could be moved by commercial vehicles by the year 2035. That’s an estimated 100 percent more freight than what was moved in 2004. So how are the States planning to keep up with weight and safety enforcement as the commercial carrier industry continues to grow?  Many states are now looking to virtual weigh stations to help address the areas where traditional roadside enforcement stations fall short.

Arkansas is one of several recent first adopters using this advanced system to tighten enforcement. Virtual weigh systems measure weight, speed, vehicle class, license plates and registration numbers, and can take a photo of the heavier vehicles. This type of system is particularly attractive for states that do not have the resources to manage trucks using bypass routes to avoid traditional weigh stations. The use of this system is only expected to become more common as states increase weight enforcement and look for ways to work “smart”.

As enforcement tightens and technology advances, Air-Weigh scales are a perfect solution. Air-Weigh on-board scales get a truck on the road fast and legally, saving drivers from wasting time at check weigh sites, eliminating the need to use bypass routes, and save drivers the worry of operating illegally. As states are looking to work smarter with these new virtual weigh stations, it is now more important than ever for commercial vehicle carriers to have quick, easy, and accurate access to their vehicle weights. Air-Weigh on-board scales make that possible.

For DOT’s full report on Concept of Operations for Virtual Weigh Stations, visit here.

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