Western Refinery Services Achieves Success With Major New Customer Using Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

Western Refinery Services Achieves Success With Major New Customer Using Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

Washington-based Hauler of Petroleum Coke Hits Eight Years of Success, Credits On-Board Scales for Supporting Critical Efficiency

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September 14, 2023

Eugene, OR: When Ferndale, Washington-based premier specialty contractor and petroleum coke hauler Western Refinery Services was offered a major piece of business in 2015, the company was already familiar with Air-Weigh on-board truck scales. It had been using the technology for four years at that point.

That’s why WRS was able to tell its new customer with confidence, yes, it could handle hauling 100 tons of petroleum coke per day between Anacortes, Washington and Blaine, Washington. At 33 tons per load, that would require three runs each day.

There would be no margin for error with this contract. If a trailer was overloaded and had to be reloaded, it could cost WRS the time that would allow for the necessary third run to achieve the expected 100 tons per day. That could not happen.

And that’s where Air-Weigh’s LoadMaxx scales have made a critical difference. By displaying the vehicle’s weight throughout the loading process, the LoadMaxx scales made it possible to load to the maximum legal weight every time, without requiring a time-consuming trip to an in-ground scale. And by showing the weight of the load precisely, the LoadMaxx scales eliminated any risk of a time-consuming reload – while also assuring the trailer would not have to run underweight to guard against a weight ticket.

“Before we had Air-Weigh scales, if you overloaded the trailer, you would have to unload the entire load before you reload, because the entire load then shifts to the rear of the trailer,” said Woody Woodward, equipment manager for WRS. “That makes your axles overloaded and adds extreme pressure to the back door. But since we’ve been using the Air-Weigh scales, we haven’t had to mess with that.”

Air-Weigh on-board truck scales also solved another problem for WRS. Many of its heavy-haul trucks are too large to fit on the drive-on platforms of traditional in-ground scales.

“When we load for heavy haul, we’re often anywhere from 12 to 16 feet wide, and with most scales you can’t fit that size with the drive-on platforms,” Woodward said. “So as far as the weight of the truck, we guessed. We went simply by what the published weights were for what we were hauling. In the heavy-haul situation we probably skated for a long time, but we were on pins and needles all the time.”

Having won the contract in 2015, WRS continues to haul that 100 tons per day in three different runs between Anacortes and Blaine.

Air-Weigh will be previewing a new scale model at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition from October 14-17 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Trucking companies who want to experience the same benefits are encouraged to attend the show and see for themselves what Air-Weigh has coming next.


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