What is the ROI with an on-board scale?

What is the ROI with an on-board scale?

Every truck driver knows the perils of being overloaded, but many people don’t realize the lost profits that come with being underloaded. Weight is a constant problem for many fleet operators, no matter what industry you’re in. When you’re talking about tons of materials, a few thousand pounds over or under is not really that uncommon, but over time can add up to major losses. A solution to this is knowing your vehicle’s weight at the loading site. Here’s how on-board truck scales improve efficiency and make your operations more cost-effective. How On-Board Scales Pay for Themselves On-board scales are an investment, but over time, you’ll recoup the cost. When factoring the return on investment (ROI) of Air-Weigh scales, consider these aspects:
  • No overweight tickets or time spent unloading.
  • Increased efficiency by running full loads all the time.
  • No extra fuel costs by running extra loads because your trucks were underloaded.
  • Data easily available to measure efficiency and profits.
Payload accuracy can certainly boost your bottom line by reducing costs and increasing revenue. The information you gain from on-board scales can help your team make better decisions about operations and services. When trucks consistently carry too much weight, it makes them work harder requiring more operating costs and lost profit. Overweight vehicles break down faster causing increased maintenance and valuable drive time is lost. If your company operates on tight margins, overloading and underloading cut into your profits. Check out https://www.air-weigh.com for details about on-board scales, and use our savings calculator to get an idea about the ROI for your company.

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