Why you should use an on-board scale for your Flatbed trailer

Why you should use an on-board scale for your Flatbed trailer

The design of a flatbed trailer makes it ideal for carrying large, heavy construction items such as machinery components, pipe and lumber. Current improvements in the economy are correlated with an increased demand for these goods as more people are building houses and city structures. High requests for construction goods means there is a surge of growth in the flatbed market. In fact, for the past five months trailer orders have exceeded 30,000 units. To most effectively serve this market, a flatbed needs an on-board trailer scale. This tool is the preferred alternative to an in-ground scale for reasons including the following:

  • Improves driver safety
  • Increases overall efficiency
  • Maximizes payload and profits
  • Saves time

An in-ground scale provides similar information as an on-board scale; however, flatbed drivers may have to inconveniently drive miles away to check weigh. Using an on-board scale allows the driver to direct the most efficient loading process possible. The driver can monitor the loading process from the trailer’s intuitive digital display to help distribute weight as necessary before going through the trouble of securing the load. Repeated overloading can shorten the life of the trailer overtime. Driver safety and length of the trailers life span improves when loading a flatbed is done right the first time. Without on-board scales, trailers can be loaded improperly, secured, driven out of route to an in-ground scale and weighed just to discover that the trailer is overweight or material needs to be repositioned. On-board scales save time and money by helping drivers get on the road safely and efficiently.

Air-Weigh offers on-board scales suitable for flatbed trailers and the tractors that pull them. Reach out with any questions about on-board scales by contacting us online or by calling 1-888-459-3444.

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