Allow your drivers to load their work trucks to a safe and legal weight every day before leaving for the work site. Overweight municipal work trucks operating throughout cities pose a great risk. These vehicles require a greater stopping distance, are more likely to roll over, and are much more difficult to control. Statistics show that overloaded trucks have a higher chance being involved in truck-related accidents, increasing their liability on the road. Work trucks are not designed to be overloaded, leading to significantly higher maintenance costs, overweight fines, and DOT penalties.

Air-Weigh offers a solution with on-board digital scales; less time and money spent on maintenance, fewer legal and safety concerns, and peace of mind for the drivers. On-board scales give drivers the “green light” to get on the road safely and legally by viewing steer, drive, GVW, and Net Payload all on the in-cab display. Knowing how much your work truck weighs allows companies to avoid the unnecessary costs that come with overloading, ultimately improving fleet safety and efficiency.

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